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Defining the Definitive Classical Music Experience

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The Definitive Classical Music Experience, Part 2: Works

The image is Jieshi Diao Youlan, the oldest surviving piece of written music in the Far East. How a metadata engine defines the concept of works (musical compositions) affects the classical music experience a lot. Some newcomers still have no explicit modelling of that concept, what a pity! Classical music…

The Definitive Classical Music Experience, Part 1: Search

I'm writing a series of articles focusing on the fundamental elements of the definitive classical music experience we're pursuing. This is the first post in the series, on search. Let's skip the lesson of evaluating the current search experiences of main classical music streaming services. If you're interested, read the…

Introducing International Classical Music Database

A symphony must be like the world. It must contain everything. For some of us, classical music is just like the world: not only beautiful, rich in details, somewhat mysterious, but also comes with unsatisfying realities for us to fight against. Classical Music Metadata The issue of chaotic classical music…